Providing Effective Family Law Services

Dissolution of marriage and adoption are significant events that impact the family in different ways. I provide effective legal services for your needs. If you are involved in any family law issue, my office can help. I strive to resolve disputes, but recognize that many problems require litigation, such as parenting disputes, in which case, the best interests of your children are my priority. I have the experience and empathy to guide you through any of your family law concerns.

The Law Offices of Rachael Toft concentrates solely on the practice of family law. I handle every aspect of family law, including representation for individuals in a civil union or marriage, unmarried parents in parentage or child support cases, and adoptions. From drafting a prenuptial agreement to finalizing a divorce, I can help. I also handle modifications and enforcement of child support, modifications of custody or parenting time, and grandparent visitation.

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